October is great if you’re on the hunt for organic and locally-sourced produce. You’ll find in the different markets around the state seasonal favorites like Tabasco peppers, cauliflower, and pumpkins. Vegetables are all good sources of nutrients and are pretty versatile when it comes to different dishes.

The pumpkin is great for baking and making hearty soups because it is packed with nutrients that help in blood clotting. Tabasco peppers go great in making sauces that have a bit of kick to them and also, like all hot peppers, help in promoting a healthy digestive tract. The cauliflower does great in different recipes and even as a meat replacement in barbecues when dry-rubbed and grilled. Each serving is rich in nutrients and vitamins that help protect the body from cancers.

Autumn may be cold but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a big bowl of red or a hearty serving of pumpkin soup. Good thing we live in Texas because there’s still an abundance of vegetables available in markets this season. But don’t forget the winter is coming fast and it’s a good time to enjoy the season’s harvest before the markets run out.