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Jammit! JamNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.00 mi

Jammit! Jam specializes in spreadable fruit for sophisticated palates using seasonal, whole-fruit, natural raw cane sugar, herbs or spices, and a splash of libation. Their jams are produced in small-batches, still hand stirred and hand poured into each jar. They offer enticing flavors like Apple Cinnamon Bourbon or Peach Thyme Prosecco, and just recently added a Texas necessity, Garlic Pepper Jelly. It is low in sugar, and they are “Certified Female Owned business”. Their method of cooking really allows the multiple layers of flavors to shine through. It’s always good on toast or with peanut butter, but it also pairs well with artisan cheeses, gourmet pastries and can even be warmed up as a sauce or chutney over meat, pork, duck or chicken or fish.

Naturally Curly CookNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.00 mi

Naturally Curly Cook makes extremely homemade foods that are simple and natural. They are most known for the “quiche and kolache” that they sell at the Good Local Markets and Farmer’s Market. They make and shape all of the crusts by hand, and makes their bread dough from scratch. The quiche and pies are uniquely deep dish, and not like the other pies you will find anywhere else in Dallas. This extremely homemade dining is not only fun for curious eaters to explore, but also smart for your body. You know exactly what is in every bite- and you know that it is good! Naturally Curly Cook also do boutique catering, designing custom menus, sourcing ingredients as locally as possible, and making every element in their own kitchen.

JJ&B – Jellies Jams & ButtersNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Grand Prairie - 0.00 mi

JJ&B produces a variety of delicious handmade jellies, jams, and fruit butters made from the “freshest, natural ingredients”. Their artisan spreads are crafted in micro-batches to ensure quality and flavor. Each batch is tested to ensure it passes their perfectionist standards. The versatility of JJ&B spreads is endless! They are delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and can be paired with meats, cheeses, breads, and desserts. Some of the most popular items are the “Toasted Pecan-Pepper Jam”, best served with crackers alongside a warm round of melted brie, and the soul comforting “Apple Pie Jam”, drizzled atop a bowl of creamy vanilla ice cream. Another popular choice is the “Sweet Onion Jam”, which is delicious paired with crackers and goat cheese!

T-Rex PicklesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.00 mi

A producer of constantly rotating selection of pickles in Dallas, T-Rex Pickles makes a variety of pickles using the “local brewery’s beers, along with local produce”. Beer is a key flavor component of the T-Rex pickling brine, along with spices, homegrown herbs and vinegar. The picklers’ preferred brews come from Four Corners Brewing Company in West Dallas. They offer over 18 varieties of locally canned pickled produce, including spicy dill pickles, cranberries, asparagus, and carrots. Their crisp and flavorful pickles make a great accompaniment to sandwiches and burgers. T-Rex also produces seasonal offerings including pickled okra, squash, jalapeños, sweet peppers, green beans and cactus paddles with ancho chiles.

Jewel Probiotics KombuchaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.00 mi

Drinking kombucha brings a lot of benefits to our body. Jewel Probiotics Kombucha is “fermented in tea or herbal flowers” which creates a healthy (Microbial) bacteria that is great for gut health. It is known as the “best organic Kombucha in North Texas.” They have different variants to choose from, incuding Blue Butterfly, Jun, Hibiscus. and Essence. Canning is a great way to create Probiotics. Nothing new under the sun, Jewel Probiotics Kombucha think its new and its not. They got this creative idea from the elders who use to can their foods. If you haven't tried Jewel Probiotics Kombucha, you really should. It is delicious and good for you.

Be SpicedNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.00 mi

Celebrate Life, Food and All Things Spice! Be Spiced offers unique homemade “heirloom spices and spice products” that are freshly made in small batches. Creator of Be Spiced, Sapna Punjabi-Gupta is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and an Ayurvedic Practitioner believes in the healing power of food and spices and the profound effects they have on our body, mind and soul. She offers easy and practical lifestyle tips, cooking tutorials, healthy recipes, food and spice adventures by Integrating western nutritional science with ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to provide practical health and wellness offerings for modern well-being. She is spreading the message of vegetarian nutrition and Ayurveda through interactive cooking workshops, wellness talks and her line of heirloom spice products - Be spiced.

Milk & PatienceNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Addison - 0.00 mi

Launched in the summer of 2018, Milk & Patience artisanal products, is a small family owned business currently making “Greek style whole milk and vegan coconut milk yogurts”. In addition to yogurts, they also makes fresh mozzarella, burrata and ricotta cheeses and well as filled pastas—with more offerings on the way.Their products are not manufactured, it’s crafted in a traditional way with just some milk, a whole lotta patience, and love. Milk and Patience churns through about 150 gallons of milk each week. Yogurt flavors have included the expected, like mixed berry and vanilla, as well as the unexpected flavors like ginger, lychee, and even seasonal flavors like gingerbread and Christmas cookie. You can find them at various boutique grocery stores as well as across Texas at Central Market and at local farmers' markets.

Sweet Lucy’s PiesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Arlington - 0.00 mi

Sweet Lucy's Pies is a pie company serving up “specialty made to order sweet & savory pies” using fresh local Texas ingredients that change with the seasons. Pie purveyor Lindsey Lawing and her daughter Sweet Lucy have been rolling out their signature flaky crust to Fort Worth and the DFW area since 2014. Lindsay creates pastries by hand and the “menu is set by the seasons” like her apple, pumpkin, and pecan version for the fall and the spring menus are full of Texas berries, fresh locally grown peaches, honey, homegrown tomatoes and farm fresh eggs. She only uses the “finest baking ingredients” and recently discovered a new “milled in Texas” flour that promises to make their signature crust even better.

Lemma’s BakeshopNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.00 mi

Rich, sweet, flavorful treats and desserts, made with tender loving care! Lemma’s Bakeshop is the tribute of its owner and founder, Cathy, to her grandmother Lemma, who has always been her source of great memories – especially when reminiscing about the "delicious aromas coming from her kitchen." And she wishes to "share that same TLC in each baked good" that she makes. She carries out her hope of bringing "a bit of joy to the world, one sweet at a time," by joining farmers markets and offering to the public her “uniquely wonderful baked goods,” such as different flavors and sizes of cookies, and cakes, some of which even have gluten-free options! Making her items equally stunning as well, she offers these cute and brightly designed ribbons to wrap her cakes and loaves, when ordered for special occasions!

Dubalicious CupcakesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.00 mi

Over 35 years ago, Scratch Bake Bakery has been serving its Dallas residents the freshest cakes and pies. It was located right on Main St., Duncanville, Texas and it was a huge hit. To ensure the level of quality and consistency, the family worked all hours of the night. Little did they know, the kids were already at their training ground, honing their skills and mastering their craft. Being the second generation of this bakery, DUBalicious Cupcakes has once again opened its doors to the community, while carrying the same values and traditions, and bringing you the same level of quality, consistency, and taste you all have remembered so well. Their cupcakes and desserts are made to order for the best quality, using only the freshest ingredients and family recipes, all made from scratch and delivered right at your doorstep.   

All-Sweet-Things-DallasNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Addison - 0.00 mi

All-Sweet-Things-Dallas is a Texas-based artisan that crafts “awesome cakes, cupcakes, pies,” and so much more. It’s hard to get a hold of their bestsellers as they are all good and there’s “always something new to try!” Not to mention that they also take special orders for any occasions you might have. Peach cobbler cupcakes, banana puddings, chocolate cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, strawberry cupcakes, salted caramel cupcakes, chocolate bourbon pies, cookies and cream cupcakes, Henessy turtle brownies, and sweet potato cupcakes are just some of the goodies they offer. You can purchase these treats by the dozen. Just be sure to share it with your loved ones and try not to finish them by yourself.

Semi Sweet PetiteNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.00 mi

Semi Sweet Petite is a Cottage bakery that specializes in gourmet and customizable cupcakes, buttercream cakes, cake jars, and macaroons. Denna, the baker, loves to create desserts that put a smile on anyone’s face. Whether it’s for your dream wedding or a simple birthday celebration, she can make your occasion as sweet and as memorable as it can be. I must say, her “cakes are delicious” and she presents it beautifully. We also recommend trying “their pumpkin dulce leche cinnamon cream cake” in a jar as we find it to “be the best thing ever!” She also has a great selection of flavors including but not limited to: Irish car bomb, piña colada, velvet oreo, and chocolate lab. And if you order the last-mentioned variant, 25% of its sales go to the Texas Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Nana Dot’s Southern SweetsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.00 mi

Nana Dot’s Southern Sweets is an online bakery that has been around since 1942. This artisan specializes in gourmet and southern desserts that “will leave you wanting more because each batch is prepared with a touch of love and a sprinkle of happiness that is disguised as sugar, cinnamon, and butter.” Her products are “just absolutely pleasing to” every “soul,” especially “the sweet potato pie.” Indeed, “Nana Dot’s” has “the best sweet potato pies!” It has “great consistency” and has a “slightly sweet pie crust that was great.” Her “pecan pie was off the chain as well,” and it comes in “minis” which is cute and lovely. Thankfully, they deliver within 24 hours around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and they ship across the United States! Experience Southern Sweets; experience Nana Dot’s – you won’t be disappointed. 

Barley & ButterNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Addison - 0.00 mi

Formerly known as Cakes and Bakes by Elaine, Barley & Butter is owned by Elaine Minden, a passionate baker with a love for all things butter and sugar. She specializes in custom-designed and handcrafted cakes and cupcakes for all occasions, from themed birthday parties to baby showers, to elegant weddings. During the weekends, you’ll find her in the kitchen experimenting with inventive flavors and pairing those unique sweets with her favorite local craft beers. And the results? She makes “the most gorgeous and delicious cake ever!” So if you’re looking forward to being a crowd-pleaser who showcases unique and delectable desserts, this is the perfect place to go. Find her in the DFW area or order online for that “amazing” cake and cupcake experience.

Chef Milton GourmetNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Richardson - 0.00 mi

For contributing to food and how people cook and eat, Chef Milton Gourmet and its owner should be considered as a salt of the earth - pun intended. Usually, those who pursue the business of selling salt are there for the profit to be had in selling salt for practical purposes. Because people need salt, period. Chef Milton Gourmet reminds us that there is more to explore when it comes to the use and taste of salt. These products were curated and produced with care. It is not a marketing ploy or a play on words - there is, indeed, a more complex dimension to using salt.

Stocks and Bondy

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.39 mi

At Stocks & Bondy, they offer fresh, organic, local grass-fed, high-protein, high-collagen, soy-free, gluten-free products. They have soups, stocks, sauces, and broths are their specialty. It’s clean, with subtle bone flavor. It’s a perfect blank canvas to construct your personal soup. The fresh eggs and the “grab-and-go meals” are more than tempting as well. You could tell some serious time and effort went into the recipe and preparation. The stocks will last 30 days in the fridge, so you don't have to immediately use them up as soon as you get them home. Buying from “local farmers”, they only use pasture-raised and free-range sources - no preservatives! All the ingredients are sourced locally and seasonal that are always fresh and organic and delicious. Animals are never given hormones or antibiotics and each one has been humanely treated.

Parlor’s Handcrafted Ice Creams

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.40 mi

Parlor’s Handcrafted Ice Creams is a Dallas-based ice cream cart that focuses on classic ice creams. Although their flavors are more on the traditional side, their entire process is nothing but extraordinary. Whipping up those nostalgic flavors from scratch, they use 100% grass-fed milk and pasture-raised eggs that are sourced from local Texas farms. Not to mention that the other additional ingredients also come from the local small businesses that use sustainable and organic practices, just like them. They take all those ingredients to the kitchen where they mix, pasteurize, and freeze the ice cream, all in-house. If you’re looking for delectable classic ice creams that are scratch-made and traditionally processed, you can find their cart at the Saint Michael's Farmers Market on Saturdays or you can book them for a private event. Check out their Instagram @parlorsicecreams to find where they'll be popping up next!

Companion Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.40 mi

Hot brew or cold brew? Whatever the weather is like today, Companion Roasters will surely make your day. This artisan roaster sources and roasts only specialty grade, single-origin, 100% arabica beans. They roast in small batches to optimize the roast profiles and highlight the unique qualities of each coffee. With an emphasis on organic and sustainable methods to achieve higher quality green beans, Companion Roasters’ coffees can be purchased in 12 oz bags, either whole bean or ground, via their website or at some farmers market. They have four classic artisan coffees to choose from such as Peru, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, and Burundi. Their “Papua New Guinea sounds interesting.” It has a good strong body and is naturally low in acidity. Get quick stamina and endurance boost with their outstanding cold brew. If you’re lucky, you might even catch their seasonal “blueberry cold brew smoothie” that is totally to-die-for. 

El Mero Mero Tamalero

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.40 mi

El Mero Mero Tamalero specializes is breakfast tacos, tamales, tortillas, and of course frozen margaritas! They're a mainstay at the Dallas Farmers Market. If you're looking for Tex-Mex treats and something cold to wash it down with then a visit to their booth would be in order. Their margaritas feature seasonal fruits like watermelons and mangoes, and for $2, you really can't go wrong!

Palmieri Cafe

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas - 0.40 mi

Palmieri Cafe features authentic Italian pastries, as well as coffees served Italian style!  Quality is of utmost importance, especially for its coffee, that they built their own roasting facility in Dallas, the Torrefazione Palmieri!  This Italian coffee shop and bakery maintains that they do things “without compromises.” Whether it is their coffee, pastries or gelato, everything should be made from scratch, fresh, authentic and natural!

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