Review of H & T Williams Garden by TexasRealFood

Herbert and Thongma Williams are the stewards of H & T Williams Garden. Sammy Williams, their son, also helps in selling products in the market. With an 8.5 acre farm, the couple grows the sweetest Noonday onions and the tastiest Jacksonville tomatoes. Thongma always has a good stock of several hundred seedlings of field tomatoes in her greenhouse. Another product which you shouldn't miss from the garden is their hand-shelled homegrown southern peas. The farm also grows lettuce, mung bean sprouts, sweet potatoes, red cabbage, carrots, spinach, beets, herbs, and more. Happy customers say, "Great freshly harvested produce and eggs — consistent quality seasonal variety. The price is very fair! Awesome people!". Find them and their seasonal products at the Dallas Farmers Market today.