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Restaurant in Austin - 1.76 mi

Snooze aims to evolve the A.M. dining experience through culinary innovation, an eclectic atmosphere, and friendly service. They serve breakfast and lunch daily, offering America’s favorite breakfast classics with “a creative twist” such as “blueberry danish pancake”“potato hash with bacon and pulled pork”, and “eggs benedict”. If you’re up to new flavors, you can ask your server about the “pancake of the day” or you can get the “pancake flight” to enjoy the best of both worlds. They also serve a selection of coffees, teas, juices, and morning cocktails such as “mimosas” and “margarita”.Snooze is included in Kim’s 7 Great Take Out Deals in Fort Worth During Covid-19. Even without a pandemic, they’re still worth checking out!Snooze continued to deliver farm-to-table goodness even in the middle of the pandemic! They’ve been featured as one of 15 farm-to-table delivery options in Austin During Quarantine.

(281) 810-6130


Restaurant in Austin - 1.76 mi

Juniper Restaurant boasts a sleek "aesthetic" interior and architecture, along with modern fittings that give Italian vibe. The dinner menu includes antipasti plates like "meatballs" and "chicken liver mousse", plates of pasta such as "basil tortellini" and "rigatoni", entrees like "44 ranger cattle NY strip" and "simply roasted chicken", and veggies such as "charred green beans" and "grilled okra". They also feature a gluten-free and vegetarian menu. A tasting menu, a full-course dinner, is als0 offered at the Chef's counter Thursday through Saturday with an optional wine pairing. An extensive list of wine and spirits are also available.

(512) 220-9421

Hoover’s Cooking

Restaurant in Austin - 1.81 mi

Hoover’s Cooking brings a surge of nostalgia through their "honest-to-goodness cooking" having been established in 1998 by native East Austinite and fifth-generation Texan, Hoover Alexander. Choose from the various daily specials prepared for every important meal, and everything in between. On the menu are different chicken dishes, steaks and pork chops, biscuits and sandwiches, and a whole lot more! Each dish is generously portioned, and made from fresh ingredients sourced directly from local area farmers and producers. Truly comfort food at its finest!

(512) 479-5006

Mour Cafe

Restaurant in Austin - 1.83 mi

Mour Cafe is a place where you can eat, drink, and shop. It is a combination of a cafe and a specialty grocer. They serve brunch, lunch, and dinner, offering an extensive menu featuring starter "deviled eggs", and house specialty "chicken flautas" and "pork belly fried rice". You will also find a lot of vegan and gluten-free offerings on their menu. The drink menu consists of cocktails and a wide variety of wines. The grocer offers all-time favorite bottles, brews, and products such as protein shakes, coconut water, and ciders. Happy hour runs from 3 pm to 6 pm daily.

(512) 442-6687

Nixta Taqueria

Restaurant in Austin - 1.86 mi

Nixta Taqueria, which is located in Austin, Texas, makes corn tortillas, tacos, tostadas, aguas frescas, paletas, and natural wines. The vision for Nixta Taqueria is to be a taqueria that combines the traditional and the new. Owners Edgar and Sara describe the business as "high-low, counter-service, casual concept" and they serve customers on a first-come, first-served basis (sorry, no reservations!) And if you are visiting with your dog, both of you are very much welcome here! Just make sure your dog is on a leash. They are open from Tuesday to Sunday.

(512) 551-3855


Restaurant in Austin - 1.87 mi

Vinaigrette is a place where you can eat every single day without having a pang of health-conscious guilt about it with salad-centric menu, house-made desserts, and beverages made from fresh natural juices. Considered as "the best salad place", this restaurant offers your favorite comfort foods without putting your health at a compromise; some of their best-sellers are "all kale Cesar", "salacho taco salad", and "Asian chopped salad".  Most probably the best part about dining in Vinaigrette is that you can customize your own salad according to your own preferences. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are also available in their list with the "ginger turmeric tonic" and "kale apple spritz" being the most popular.Vinaigrette continued to deliver farm-to-table goodness even in the middle of the pandemic! They’ve been featured as one of 15 farm-to-table delivery options in Austin During Quarantine.

(512) 852-8791

Bento Picnic

Restaurant in Austin - 1.89 mi

Influenced by the "rich" culture of Japanese, Bento Picnic is serving hand-crafted bento meals that are "balanced", "delicious", and "nourishing". Located in a "stylish" 1920's bungalow just east of downtown Austin, this restaurant boasts a "cozy" counter-service cafe space and a "beautiful" indoor & outdoor seating. The menu features appetizers like "tomato salad", bowls like "teriyaki bowl", and sweets like "miso chocolate chip cookies". You can also customize your "bento box" with your choice of carbs and proteins. Serving "wholesome" eats Monday through Saturday, it proudly serves local vegetables, responsibly-sourced proteins, housemade pickles and sauces, gluten-free pastries, and vegan ice creams.

(512) 987-8767

Intero Restaurant

Restaurant in Austin - 1.95 mi

Intero Restaurant specializes in authentic Italian flavors and "artisan" sweets and chocolates. This restaurant embraces traditional Italian cooking techniques from a sustainable, contemporary approach by incorporating seasonal Texas ingredients. It takes great pride in its food preparation, which focuses on ingredient usage, featuring locally-raised animals and locally-grown, seasonal, farm-to-table produce.  The food menu consists of appetizers like "sourdough focaccia", small plates like "charred okra", hand made pasta like "spaghettini", and entrees like "smoked lamb sausage", along with gluten-free options. For desserts, they offer a selection of sweets and hand-crafted chocolate truffles. Happy hour takes place Tuesday through Sunday, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.Intero Restaurant continued to deliver farm-to-table goodness even in the middle of the pandemic! They’ve been featured as one of 15 farm-to-table delivery options in Austin During Quarantine.

(512) 599-4052

Pitchfork Pretty

Restaurant in Austin - 2.00 mi

Pitchfork Pretty is committed to providing family-style, upscale dining experience to its guests by serving mindfully prepared food in a comfortable setting. The interior boasts a spacious, vibrant space finished with earth-tone color, high ceiling, and massive windows. The restaurant has its own garden, and every herb, vegetable, and fruits that were harvested from there goes straight to the kitchen. Featuring an extensive menu, most of their dishes are vegan, veggie-forward, and gluten-free, making this restaurant ideal for diverse guests. Brunch takes place on Sundays 10am-2pm, happy hour 5-6pm Tuesday-Friday, and Banchan & BBQ (a Korean-inspired menu) on Monday nights 5-10pm.

(512) 494-4593

Whip In

Restaurant in Austin - 2.02 mi

Whip In can be a "permanent new Sunday brunch spot". "For $12 you get access to their Indian brunch buffet from 11am-3pm plus the lovely sound track of a jazz band". It is "pretty relaxed" with "helpful bartenders and servers". They also have a "decent selection of both food and beer". And, "they have a ton of taps that change constantly" so this is "also a great option when you need beer or wine to go". "This is the place for buying that beer you missed back in your motherland". A "place you go for comedy nights". They have a "patio for the live music". And, "this place should be your standard for a great bar". So, "if you're in the neighborhood, whether it's Saturday/ Sunday during their brunch hours or any other time of the week to enjoy a brew on their patio, this place is a must!!"

(512) 442-5337

Aviary Wine & Kitchen

Restaurant in Austin - 2.14 mi

What started as furniture and home decor shop that sells wines has now transformed into a "full-fledged", "casual" wine restaurant. Aviary Wine & Kitchen, a family-owned restaurant, boasts a "spacious" and "stylish" dining area, bar seating, and outdoor patio, complete with bold accents of ocean blue and subtle brown palette. This restaurant is dedicated to making as much as possible in-house, from housemade bread and spreads to handmade pasta and sausages. Serving dinner Monday through Saturday, the menu features cold bar offerings like "oysters", boards like "cheese & charcuterie board", appetizers like "fried pickled okra", entrees like "chicken milanesa", and sweets like "strawberries and cream".

(512) 916-4445


Restaurant in Austin - 2.15 mi

Loro is a "casual" Asian smokehouse restaurant founded by two award-winning chefs. It boasts a "spacious" dining space furnished with wooden fittings, a covered outdoor patio complete with picnic tables, and a "relaxing" full-service bar adorned with high-top tables paired with bar stools. The menu showcases "rich" flavors of Southeast Asian fare, featuring bar food like "candied kettle corn", snacks like "crunchy sweet corn fritters", greens like "crunchy cabbage salad", sandwiches like "oak-smoked beef brisket", rice bowls like "Malaysian curry chicken", entrees like "smoked baby back duroc pork ribs", and sweets like "salted chocolate chip toffee cookie". Drop by on "happy hour", which runs 2-5 PM on weekdays, and enjoy special menu items and discounted beer, wine, and boozy slushies.

(512) 916-4858


Restaurant in Austin - 2.32 mi

Tillery provides a "beautiful outdoor patio" where you can socialize or chill while enjoying "amazing food and drinks" while sitting at the top of an embankment overlooking the Colorado River. Although the menu is limited, Tillery guarantees they have something for everyone, whether you're a fan of meat, gluten-free, or vegan. A few of its popular dishes are the smokey and succulent "Redbird farms citrus chicken skewers" and "coconut curry rice". Their ice cream has unique flavors like "maple bourbon" and "watermelon dreamsicle". Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available as well, including the signature drink "sage margarita".

(512) 524-0580

Jacoby’s Restaurant & Mercantile

Restaurant in Austin - 2.39 mi

Jacoby's Restaurant & Mercantile is a family operated restaurant with simple, Southern, and rustic roots. It boasts "majestic" views of the Colorado River and rustic interior completed with wooden fittings. They take great pride in their Jacoby Brand Beef, a family-raised beef on the Jacoby Ranch and dry-aged up to 28 days, which goes straight into the kitchen to produce dishes such as "chicken fried steak" and "stuffed hamburger steak". The menu features traditional Southern fare like "deviled eggs", "crispy brussels sprouts", "baby kale caesar", and "gulf shrimp & grits". They also offer a selection of gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and dairy-free options. Happy hour takes place on Tuesdays from 5:00 to 9:00 PM.Jacoby's Restaurant & Mercantile continued to deliver farm-to-table goodness even in the middle of the pandemic! They’ve been featured as one of 15 farm-to-table delivery options in Austin During Quarantine.In the mood for grass-fed burgers? Check out Jacoby's Restaurant & Mercantile, they have been featured as one of the 7 Restaurants for The Best Grass-Fed Burgers in Austin.

(512) 366-5808

34th Street Café

Restaurant in Austin - 2.46 mi

For many locals, 34th Street Café is more than just a café. It's a place where people come to feel comfortable, have delicious food, meet old friends, and make new ones. This "unpretentious", "casual" restaurant dates back to 1995 and has earned massive following especially for its moderately-priced food and its warm, "cozy" atmosphere. At lunch, guests can walk up to the counter to place an order while for dinners, this restaurant offers full table service. They offer an extensive menu, featuring starter "cheese board", "pesto pizza", "quail salad", entree "lamb chops", and a selection of sides and desserts. They also offer a kid's menu and a curated wine list.

(512) 371-3400

The Beer Plant

Restaurant in Austin - 2.51 mi

The Beer Plant is Austin's first vegan gastropub offering a 100% plant-based cuisine paired with craft beer, wine, and cocktails. With a mission to establish a healthy way of eating, this restaurant is dedicated to serving "delicious" vegan dishes in a "comfortable" farmhouse pub atmosphere. Serving brunch and dinner, the menu features classic brunch food like "chicken and waffles", shareable appetizer plates like "sriracha glazed brussels sprouts", organic salads like "harvester", wholesome sandwiches like "kimchi grilled cheese", savory entrees like "tikka masala", and luscious desserts like "vanilla bean cheesecake". The bar highlights a constantly rotating selection of local and imported beers, along with an extensive list of house cocktails and wines.

(512) 524-1800

Eden East

Restaurant in Austin - 2.65 mi

Eden East strives to consistently provide a true farm-to-table dining experience. This restaurant presents a prix fixe menu every weekend, a la carte on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and an a la carte dinner accompanied with live music or a DJ every Thursday. It offers an ever-changing menu highlighting seasonal, fresh ingredients from its own farm, as well as other local farms and ranches. The menu features made-from-scratch dishes, including appetizers like "gulf shrimp stuffed jalapenos", soups like "cold smoked butternut soup", salads like "roasted pecan & persimmon salad", entrees like "grilled tri-tip steak", and desserts like "blueberry coconut panna cotta".

(512) 428-6500


Restaurant in Austin - 2.73 mi

Tacodeli was founded by Roberto, who grew up in Mexico, you're guaranteed to have authentic tacos and other Mexican-inspired foods. Each and every item off the menu is made fresh daily and made from locally-sourced ingredients, supporting local farmers, ranchers, and fishermen. They serve a diverse selection of tacos including vegan options. The "cowboy taco", "mojo fish taco", and "brisket taco" are the best-seller tacos from their menu. They also feature "daily specials" if you're looking for something unique. Aside from tacos, they also serve "chips with guacamole, queso, or salsa" and "ensalada tacodeli salad". To maximize your Mexican cuisine experience, opt for a "Mexican coca-cola" for a drink.

(512) 732-0303

El Naranjo

Restaurant in Austin - 2.73 mi

El Naranjo, which is located in Austin, Texas, is a restaurant that serves traditional Mexican cuisine and cocktails. El Naranjo is known for its salsa, moles, and their very own house-made tortilla made from heirloom corn imported from Mexico nixtamalized and ground every day at the restaurant. Bread sold here is also made in-house, to ensure that it is always fresh. And when they cook the food you order, they make sure to use only fresh ingredients. Check El Naranjo's official website for schedule, menu, order options, and other important information.

(512) 520-5750


Restaurant in Austin - 2.76 mi

Contigo is a family-owned restaurant that is passionate about bringing the best of the Contigo Ranch straight to its tables. Having been serving the community around the family's ranch for over 3 decades, they have decided to bring the ranch for everyone in Austin to hang out at. At Contigo, you will get to enjoy "great food" made of the freshest ingredients and an "impeccable" selection of drinks that go well with your dishes in a friendly, welcoming environment. The menu features classic brunch food like "avocado toast", appetizing snacks like "charcuterie board", organic greens like "contigo garden salad", and succulent entrees like "steak frites".

(512) 614-2260


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