November is a great month for people who are out looking for vegetables to fill their pantry with. Produce like spinach, baby arugula, and fresh peas are vegetables that are versatile and can be used in a variety of vegetable dishes. They also have great nutritional value for a balanced diet and are natural sources of vitamins and minerals.

Fresh peas are great steamed and coated with some butter while also providing a good balance of nutrients to every meal. This vegetable is packed with enough nutrients to help in controlling blood sugar levels, and promote cardiovascular health. Spinach, one of the healthiest foods, can help in portion control by curbing the appetite, maintaining healthy levels of iron, and recovery of wounds. Baby arugula is great in salads and even homemade sauce recipes while also having a good amount of vitamins like folate supports the production of genetic material, antioxidants from Vitamin A, and also calcium that help nerve function.

Next time you’re planning to do a market run this November, there are plenty of options for you to fill your pantry with or to help you look for that perfect late night winter time snack. What’s great about living in Texas is despite the season, there’s always available fresh produce in farmers’ markets that do great with different recipes using specific seasonal ingredients.


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