November is here and it’s about to get frosty in most parts of Texas but do not fret, there’s still a good amount of vegetables and fruits available at your local farmers’ markets. Thanksgiving is about to pick up and also Halloween so there’s plenty of room for occasions where you can flex your culinary expertise by using ingredients like pumpkins, pears, and broccoli in your planned dishes.

Broccoli is great if you’re planning to make some stir fry or just juice it right before your morning workout. It is packed with potent antioxidants to battle free radicals, has good amounts of fiber to aid in digestion, and protein to keep muscles healthy. Pears are great for use in different pastries and, aside from being quite the sweet treat, they are packed with naturally-occurring nutrients like anthocyanin that help lower the risk of diabetes, lose weight because of the combination of fiber and low-calorie amount, and promote gut health. While pumpkins, be they are enjoyed as a hearty soup or a satisfying pastry, are packed with nutrients that promote healthy eyesight, improved skin health, and metabolic health.

Despite the drop in temperatures, there’s still a lot of produce available at your local farmers’ markets. There are tons of recipes out there using seasonal ingredients for November. That is why, on your next market run, it’s important to check out what’s in season for a stream-lined well-balanced meal plan.

Seasonal Guides for November


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