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The state of Texas is home to two vulture species: turkey vultures and black vultures. Turkey vultures are named in reference to their bare pink heads that look like a wild turkey. These birds can be found soaring across Taylor County, but almost all of them leave for winter, where the county becomes too cold and too dry for them. On the other hand, black vultures are more predatory that can be found all-year-round in wooded areas like the Callahan Divide and the Abilene State Park. Moreover, some Texans call these birds buzzards. It began when predecessors settled into the New World. Being familiar with a type of hawk called common buzzard, they have collectively called these birds buzzards. Nevertheless, vultures play a significant role in Texas’ ecosystem; they exclusively consume rotten carrion crows, which is helpful especially to the local farmers, and they help curb the spread of some diseases.


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